Hatha and Flow Classes

All Level
An all-level class is designed for any student regardless of experience. Classes will incorporate both basic and advanced postures, allowing each yogi to practice at their level. Each class will utilize breath work, seated and standing postures, and incorporate the use of props to ensure proper alignment.

A gentle class is perfect for students wishing to focus on deeper stretching and soothing poses. This class will hold postures longer and use props in order to yogis to enter into a more meditative state. Classes primarily use seated, reclined and supine postures, with brief standing poses.
Specialty Classes
This class is designed to allow students to achieve a sense of calm and deep stretching in order to reverse the effect of chronic stress. Classes move very slowly and utilize a few postures held for long periods of time to induce the releasing of tight muscles. During this class, students will be supported by pillows, blankets, blocks, and straps in order to ensure complete relaxation. 
This class is designed for students with mobility concerns, such as an inability to rise off the floor. Classes are designed to take yogis through a complete practice incorporating breath work and standing flow while allowing all floor postures to be done in a chair. This class is great for all level of students looking to promote good health through movement.
Each class is designed to help mothers to be to have a safe and healthy pregnancy and delivery. Classes are design to strengthen the muscles need for birth as well as calm and soothe students through what can be an emotional and stressful time.
Mommy and Me

Adjusting to life after birth takes time and care. Mommy and Me yoga is designed to nurture your body and mind. Through yoga postures, moms can begin to heal, strengthen, realign the spine and support the core to relieve lower back pain.  Breathing techniques are taught to quiet the mind, develop patience and relaxation. This class strives to offer time to experience yoga, enabling moms to deepen their bond with their baby.